My commitment is to help improve the economic and social contribution that fitness and wellness brings to our community. 

In the past, I have owned and operated my own PT studio for 10-years. With staff running the PT, I focused on streamlining the systems and unique offerings which created interest for many people who wanted to buy it. I decided to listen, and sold it in 2012.

Naturally I gravitate towards tasks that require strategic thinking and innovative user experience solutions. It's a challenge, but often the most rewarding type or 'work' for me. Implementing a process and enhancing an environment for others to thrive in, really gets my juices flowing. 

Having experienced life as a professional triathlete many years ago, and after winning back-to-back age group World Triathlon Championships in 2009 & 2010, I have written online triathlon programs which are available for purchase.

The various roles in my career stem from lifestyle interests such as personal training, music and playing guitar, racing triathlon, riding bikes, lifestyle design, technology, start-ups, business consulting and process improvement. 

As a country boy, I was always outside in natures playground. I'd get home from school, drop my bag, eat whatever was in the pantry as fast as I could and was straight out the back door. We were on an acre block, with a creek that formed the boundary to our property, which was the only thing between us and endless hills. 

My love for fast paced sprint triathlon and trail running lead me to study Human Movement (Sports Science) at the University of Ballarat from '98-2000.

My understanding of the human body, 2 x Triathlon World Championships, and over 12-years experience in the fitness industry provide a 360˚ view on how to achieve healthy results.