You and I are represented in the form of a human body by structural tissue under the influence of emotion and logic. Our senses provide feedback from our surroundings to the brain. The way we MOVE within our environment influences this sensory feedback with proprioception. 

We can DESIGN our MOVEMENT to feel differently and become more efficient and more expressive, to open our MIND.


We impact the space around us from the words and actions we choose. We talk and we move. We put our stamp on the community, we establish connections and influence internal neural network pathways that become us. 


What excites me most about this... We have the ability to increase our awareness and influence the entire process. We can DESIGN our thoughts to change our body, and we can DESIGN the way we MOVE to change our MIND. The way we hold our frame and conduct our MOVEMENTS will influence those around us. We can decide on the environment we put ourselves in, we can learn more about managing our MIND, and MOVE forward with intentional flow.