I sold my PT studio in 2012 and unexpectedly found myself slightly lost in the sea of opportunity that I could feel was just over the horizon. 

I was coaching one triathlete at the time who had 100% of my coaching energy and attention. He was in the fortunate position to experienced fantastic results while I was running my PT business. I had time to train him in the gym for strength and mobility, and write his training programs in my downtime. 

Now that I had more time on my hands, and no full time business to run, the team quickly grew, and 4Triathlon was born. 

We finished off the Australian season with 4 Ironman athletes. That's 4 Ironman finishers! Two of which were first timers. A proud moment for a rookie coach like me. 

1 x IMNZ

2 x IM Melbourne (both rookies)

1 x IM Port Macquarie

Amazing achievements all round considering both Ironman virgins were lining up for their next batch of races within a month, the Port Mac guy (Andrew) smashed his PB by 28mins and IMNZ Athlete (Amy) had a new role at work, and a niggling recurring injury... plenty of excuses for a poor race due to an interrupted preparation but managed a super respectable time. 

A special mention goes out to Paul (who suddenly lost his father in the UK just 7-weeks out from IM Melbourne). Paul showed warrior-like strength through some long flights back to the UK for the funeral and packing up his Dad's house and possessions. The emotional stress was enormous. All while preparing for an ironman at the pointy end of the program. Not ideal.

Upon completion of the race, Paul took it all in his stride, wrapped his arm around his wife, and walked on casually towards the car for a ride home with a friend.

Last but not least my good mate Rob, who finished IM Melbourne in 9:56 in his first ever Ironman. He was never a triathlete, has never raced a sprint, olympic, and only raced two 70.3 in preparation for this event.  

The training journey has been a great learning experience for us all. The lead up races were a fantastic success, and now that we're on the flip side - I believe 4★Triathlon have created a recipe for more exceptional human performances. 

Now, at the time of writing this article, I have landed a full-time job and it's almost a year since these athletes finished their races. While I don't facilitate any personalised coaching programs I have temples ready to go.

This is your chance to purchase programs online, so please get in touch if you're thinking about getting into triathlon, or want extra guidance on how to structure a program. We have options for races where one specifically written program will be delivered to suit the distance, terrain and climate of your particular race.

- Jai